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Of Course A GoPro Is The Best Way To Capture The Sickening POV Of Riding The World's Tallest Waterslide

How else can you illustrate what a 17-story drop, followed by a five-story drop feels like in a little raft?

Picture this—you've just created an almost 169-foot waterslide named after the German word for insane and now it's time to tell the world about it. In order to ride your newest paean to water recreation, people need to climb 264 steps, step into a four-person raft that will eventually hit more than 60 mph, then ascend another five-stories into the air on its way to speeding down another 50 feet, before the ride reaches its splashy end.

No mortal commercial jingle can do such an epic ride justice. And when the tagline for such an experience should probably just be six or seven curse words strung together in all-caps, you need to find a better, more family-friendly way to get people excited about your new contribution to the world of swimming-trunk-required amusements.

Kansas City's Schlitterbahn Waterpark was in this exact situation. Slide designer Jeff Henry and ride engineer John Schooley decided to take the promotion of their insane water adventure into their own hands. Enter the GoPro, which, in the video above, gives viewers the full gut-sucking point of view of riding this monster (with boots on). Now let's just hope the park keeps those cameras in place to capture the reactions of the first members of the public to get the full Verruckt experience (when civilians are actually allowed on the ride—so far, delays have set back the official opening).