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This Fake Leaked "Star Wars" Film Set Footage Is Even Better Than The Real Thing

Fake "Star Wars" film set footage imagines a world where the Star Wars vehicles are actually on set and not made of CG effects.

Any news from the set of JJ Abrams's Star Wars movie is a hot commodity right now. Even details about the extent of aged leading man Harrison Ford's recent leg injury is big news. Considering how high secrecy is valued on this project, the only news coming from this extremely closed film set is news that Abrams and co. want people to know—which is why seeing all-new behind the scenes footage of the best Star Wars vehicles in action seems too good to be true . Mostly because it is too good to be true.

YouTuber Frank Wunderlich has put together a reel of high-quality fake footage supposedly leaked from the set of Episode VII. The video playfully supposes that part of the new film takes place on Earth. It starts with a sign for an "Imperial Starport" area at the Frankfurt Airport, and then shows us some old mechanical friends who've taken up a residency at Germany's biggest air hub. There are realistically soaring TIE-Fighters, AT-AT Walkers walking around, dwarfing buses in comparison, and even a fleeting glimpse of a Death Star hanging in the distance like a dead planet. Nary a tauntaun in sight, though.

Wunderlich did a great job of seamlessly integrating these vehicles into actual footage of the Frankfurt Airport. His deft hand shows when following a starship which suddenly becomes partially obscured by a chain link fence, and looks like a starship as glimpsed behind a chain link fence. Of course, we'll know just how much better the actual effects are (or aren't) when the new film comes out in 2015. That is, if Harrison Ford's leg doesn't gum up the works for too long.