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Valar Morghooooooooooolis: See World Cup Uniforms, Game Of Thrones Style

A freelance fashion designer imagines if the World Cup took place in Winterfell.

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There are a lot of creative ways to try and catch a prospective employer's attention. Freelance fashion designer, Nerea Palacios, for instance, created a Tumblr called I Want to Work for Nike that shows off her skills. Palacios's latest campaign on the site re-imagines Nike's World Cup active wear for a decidedly more intense battlefield.

These Game of Thrones World Cup concepts unite Nike's kits and HBO's promotional material for the jewel in the channel's programming crown. The designer gives a somewhat aquatic theme to House Tully's gear, which is fitting since a fish is part of their sigil. Across the board, the color schemes seem apt, as does the transference of one level of ferocity to another realm. Palacio's pursuit of a position with Nike has just taken on a level of clever scheming worthy of Tywin Lannister.