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This Gun Safety Ad Featuring Sex Toys Is Horrific In A Different Way

Sex toys can teach us many things, but we hadn't thought that gun safety was one of them.

Gun safety is as contentious an issue as there is in America these days, and the intimate lives of women isn't far behind. Yet somehow, when you combine the two, you can apparently create a comically effective, common-sense public service announcement.

That's something that gun safety group Evolve—the same group behind a previous, lighter spot, "The Bill of Rights for Dumbasses")—figured out and applied in its latest ad, "Playthings" which makes the invaluable point that children are curious creatures who will play with anything they find while exploring the house.

In "Playthings," from agency McCann New York, two little boys enjoy a playdate by having an epic dildo fight on the front lawn while their horrified mothers look on. "If they can find it, they'll play with it," the narrator intones, before the screen fades to white and it reminds you to "Always lock up your guns." It's comically mortifying watching kids attempt to vibrate each other into surrender in full view of the neighbors, but the spot still conveys the crucial message—that there are consequences when guns are involved that go well beyond embarrassment.

We suspect that this video might well result in the sale of a few more lockboxes for handguns, and other household items.