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Infographic: Find Out How Quickly You'd Die In The "Game Of Thrones" World

A new flow chart from Dorkly assesses your skill sets to determine whether you'd live through the events depicted on Game of Thrones.

Infographic: Find Out How Quickly You'd Die In The "Game Of Thrones" World

[Image courtesy of HBO]

It's a good thing that George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series is not a Choose Your Own Adventure situation. Judging from what happens on the televised version, Game of Thrones, very few of the characters' options seem all that appealing. One dude definitely got his fingers flayed and then his penis severed and another guy's head got entirely covered in molten gold. While survival in that world seems iffy at best, there's now a way to see whether you might have what it takes.

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"Would You Survive Game of Thrones" is a flowchart that is essential for those who like to envision their odds in the most dangerous situations. (I for one always enjoy imagining at which point in a disaster movie I would perish.) Created by the folks at nerd culture website, Dorkly, this infographic factors in users fight skills, smarts, and possession of mystical beasts to determine their potential longevity. Sadly, none of us may survive to see the day when Martin finishes the series.

H/t to The Curious Brain