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Watch A Supercut Of Tom Cruise's Tom Cruisiest Moments Courtesy Of The Alamo Drafthouse

If you're going to sell tickets to a marathon of five mystery Tom Cruise movies, you'd better remind people how much they've loved that guy.

Everyone on the planet who is younger than thirty has never drawn breath in a world in which Tom Cruise isn't among the biggest stars alive. The charmed career of the charming actor spans more than three decades now, and—between this summer's surprising critical and commercial hit Edge Of Tomorrow, a forthcoming Mission Impossible 5, and, frankly, whatever else he decides to do next—it isn't slowing down any. Cruise isn't exactly beloved—jumping up and down on Oprah's couch and a few other things have made him a little too weird in the eyes of the world for that—but he's basically eternal, like Lestat, the immortal goth dude he played in 1994's Interview with the Vampire. It doesn't matter if you like Tom Cruise, because you're compelled by him.

That's something that the Alamo Drafthouse—the Austin-based movie theater chain that operates numerous locations nationwide—understood when promoting its "Cruise Control" marathon, a 10-plus-hour event that features five different—and unannounced—Cruise movies screened back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back. To that end, Alamo has created a powerhouse Tom Cruise supercut that features all of the Tom Cruise character tics we've come to be fascinated by: running Tom Cruise, yelling-on-a-phone Tom Cruise, charmingly romantic Tom Cruise, cocky a-hole Tom Cruise, narrowly-avoiding-getting-blown-up Tom Cruise, etc., etc., etc. There's not really a film in the supercut—or, indeed, the man's extensive filmography—that's bad, and the throughline that it finds to tie together all the various movies in Cruise's catalog is impressive. For most of the people alive, Tom Cruise has always been there, and as long as he can win us over with a smirk and the word "Run!" he'll always be there.