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Tyler, The Creator's Bizarre Fake Syrup Ad Is a Real Ad For His Apparel Brand

This fake ad for syrup is kind of disturbing, but you can soothe your psyche afterward with some Tyler, the Creator-curated hats and stuff.

Move over, Vermont and Quebec—there's apparently a new source for syrup. Also, it's disgusting. In a new ad by Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator, schoolyard bullies intimidate a wimpier classmate until he begins to cry a prodigious deluge of, you guessed it, syrup. Of course, ultimately this fake syrup ad is actually a real ad for something else entirely.

The fake website given in the clip is, but clicking on the YouTube link instead transports users to the website for Tyler's lifestyle brand, Golf Wang, where one can purchase socks with cats on them, if one were so inclined. Despite being rather gross, if the look of the video appears to have an actual ad's aesthetic, there's a reason: Tyler, the Creator has directed commercials before, including this one for Mountain Dew, and knows exactly what he's doing.

H/t to Pitchfork