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Gif of the Day

Stop-Motion Street Art Is Called "GIF-iti" And The World's Biggest Example Yet Is Awesome

This multi-layered mural on the side of a building in Taiwan would probably make you dizzy even if it wasn't moving like an animated GIF.

Although we didn't have a cool, perfectly fitting name for it the last time Co.Create covered an example, "gif-iti" is one of the freshest forms of street art going these days. It's a term that describes any mural that is altered and photographed, altered and photographed, again and again, until the resulting footage can be turned into an infinite animated loop. What the latest from the always-interesting Insa and Mad Steez has going for it, aside from just plain looking rad, is that it's the world's biggest example yet.

Just try to imagine the length of time to paint all the layers that went into making this mural on an apartment building in Taiwan move. The trippy violet kabuki face never changes, but so much else does. The gold rope chain shimmers and glistens, the coins revolve, and the aquamarine squigglies pulsate like they're trying to escape confinement. Even the air vents in from of the wall move, which hints at the dedication Insa had for this particular vision. It's perhaps a testament to the level of GIF-saturation we've reached that it takes this much work to leave a lasting impression.

Watch the video above for a better look at the process of creating the mural.

H/t to Animal New York