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Hero Animator Sets a "Book of Mormon" Video In South Park And All Is Right With the World

Animator Simon Chong made a South Park music video for "Hello!" from Book of Mormon and it's a fitting tribute to the Broadway juggernaut's creators.

The Broadway musical Book of Mormon swept the Tony Awards in 2012, launched the careers of leads Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad, and remains among the hottest tickets in New York years later. But where is Eric Cartman in all of this? Mormon was dreamed up by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and it continues a fascination with the Latter Day Saint movement first established on the delightfully vulgar TV show, so a crossover seemed within reason, if not inevitable. Since Parker and Stone have neglected to provide us with one thus far, though, a fellow animator has made it his mission to take the reins.

"The Book of Mormon Comes to South Park" is an animated short directed by Simon Chong of creative studio Headspin Media. In it, the Book of Mormon opening number "Hello!" is magically transported to the South Park-iverse, affording us viewers the chance to say hello to some old friends. Co-written by E.G.O.T. winner Robert Lopez, this song features a bunch of Mormon not-yet-missionaries setting about the task of spreading awareness. While in the actual musical, it's only implied whose bells the Mormons are ringing, here we see they belong to Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman, along with show favorites like Big Gay Al and Mr. Mackey. You simply won't believe how much this video will change your life.

H/t to Laughing Squid