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Real American Heroes Hit The Pitch For EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup

An astronaut, a cheerleader, a firefighter and even Google Glass take on the planet's best soccer talents in Brazil.

Let's face it, Americans have never been particularly known for subtlety. It's a trait often celebrated loudly and proudly. Even in Brazil, where the US faces stiff competition to advance beyond the World Cup group stages, and the team's own coach says it's unrealistic to talk about winning the tournament, there are those who still believe anything is possible. Confidence and 'MURICA go together like waffle tacos and no health insurance.

If anything is possible, then the team in this new ad for EA Sports' 2014 World Cup game might actually stand a chance. The brand and agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam put a collection of cliches on the pitch the likes of which no sport has ever seen. As Rick Derringer's not-so humble anthem provides the soundtrack, an astronaut, a cheerleader, a firefighter, a cowboy and even Google Glasshole take on an unnamed, but clearly faux-hawked, foreign opponent.

If this doesn't make you want to eat a burger, shoot a gun and fall asleep in front of the TV during this World Cup then nothing will.