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Get An Up-Close Look At Brazilian Soccer Culture With This Kinetic GoPro Video

This new brand video takes a unique look at futebol culture in the World Cup's host nation.

There is an accepted myth among soccer fans that Brazilians are born with a ball at their feet, and the prowess of the country's national team does nothing to dispel this. Now, a new brand video from GoPro takes us on a unique tour of the futebol culture that produces so many wonderful players.

Shot by GoPro media manager Davis Paul, a former pro soccer player, the short film is a GoPro'd eye view of the game being played on the streets, the beach and in the stadium, as well as in the Rio de Janeiro's largest favela, Rocinha.

It's the first episode of a series, with new editions to be unveiled every Wednesday from June 18 to July 2. For more futebol fun, Paul and fellow former soccer pro-turned GoPro employee Demetrius Omphroy also take a bit of the beautiful game to the office.

As always, GoPro is applying its unique take on a fascinating subject to make compelling brand content. It's already done eagles, pelicans, and every angle of kind of action sport imaginable, why not take on the World Cup, too?