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Watch It: Every Stitch Of This Stop-Motion Music Video Is Embroidery

You cannot even fathom the patience required for this much sewing.

Metalheads aren't exactly known for loitering the aisles of Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michaels, but at least one band has now demonstrated a deep interest in crafts. (Beyond the "craft" of shredding on guitar, even.)

London-based metal band Throne have just released what they claim is the first stop-motion video created entirely from embroidery. "Tharsis Sleeps" features scenes of intergalactic destruction—a sort of war among the stars, if you will—as the band attempts to terraform a volcanic region on Mars, or something. Who knows! The plot matters naught, however, as all of the images flash by in wild, colorful stitching, mostly atop what appear to be black jeans.

According to the band's Kickstarter, "The idea to embroider the animation has come from years of listening to heavy metal and being in and amongst the army of denim clad fans covered in all their favorite band patches."

What's truly impressive, however, is that the video was conceived and directed by Throne's singer and guitarist, Nicos Livesey, sharing duties with animator Tom Bunker, and with support from Brother Sewing UK. Perhaps this video will kick in the door for other unlikely bands to show off home ec skills—perhaps with a crust punk knitting video or an EDM lanyard clip.

H/t to Incredible Things