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Courtney Love Plays Cannes

The legendary rocker will sit down for a chat with Grey's global chief creative officer Tor Myrhren.

Courtney Love Plays Cannes

A few years ago, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Advertising changed its name to the Festival of Creativity. It was a rebrand effort for the annual gathering in southern France to better reflect the broader, tougher-to-define boundaries of its attendees and their work.

Accordingly, for the last seven years Grey Advertising has hosted its Music Legends seminar in which names like Lou Reed, Patti Smith, and Yoko Ono have graced the stage. This year the seminar is ditching the baby boomers for a Gen X rockstar and global chief creative officer will be in conversation with Courtney Love. The poster for the event, by Steve Davies of Grey London, is a cool, clean design that harks back to the days of Hole. Back then she was the girl who couldn't look us in the eye, Regardless of your opinion of her now, the stare on this poster is a reminder of why so many found her so fascinating in the first place.