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Dads Get The Dove Treatment For Father's Day

The brand surveyed dads and found 75% say they are responsible for their child’s emotional well-being, but only 20% see this role reflected in media.

The stereotype of the doofus dad was born out the gradual transition of men from Ward Cleaver towards becoming an equal partner in child-rearing and other areas of domesticity. But it's been three decades since Mr. Mom, and yet, while many men now belong in the latter camp, a recent study commissioned by Unilever's Dove brand says just 20% of dads see their role accurately portrayed in media.

Out of 1,000 fathers aged 25-54 surveyed, only 13% said the media portrays fathers as responsible for childcare, while 61% said the media portrays them negatively. So for this Father's Day, dads got the Dove treatment—heartwarming moments that will put a lump in any pop's throat.

The spot, by Davie Brown Entertainment/The Marketing Arm, Stun Creative and director Rob Meltzer, cuts across 27 familiar fatherhood moments, from potty training and playgrounds, to wedding dances and a shoulder to cry on.

The tagline—"Isn't it time we celebrate dads?"—is a bit heavy-handed, but the sentiment of the spot will ring true for plenty of modern men.