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The Sharknado phenomenon of last summer seemed like—ahem—a perfect storm of irony, Twitter, celebrity attention, and sharks. It's the sort of thing that seems impossible to duplicate, but its success also means that it's impossible not to try. Thus we have this summer's forthcoming Sharknado 2, a film so self-aware of what it's trying to do that its official subtitle is actually The Second One. And this film, full of sharks that 'nado all over the place in a terrifying mix of both of the scariest disasters mother nature can throw at someone, promises to be "bigger, bolder," and "even more ridiculous."

Photo by Will Hart, Courtesy of Syfy

But don't take our word for it—that comes direct from the film's teaser trailer, which is 20 seconds of scared-looking faces, an A+ one-liner that sets the stage for the level of dialogue we can expect from the film ("It's happening again!"), and a shot of a heroic anti-shark hero standing atop a car, firing up a chainsaw. Will Sharknado 2: The Second One be a film in which sharks fly through the air, only to be disemboweled by people wielding chainsaws? Almost certainly, and perhaps—just perhaps—the entire Internet will all come together one more time to bask in the delights that Syfy and the schlockmeisters at The Asylum have crafted for us. But the odds of that are about as good as there being two storms that suck sharks up into a funnel cloud, depositing them on land onto unsuspecting masses—I mean, what are the chances?