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And Now For Something Completely Different—All The Great TV Catchphrases Are In A Mastercut

Hey, brother. How you doin'? Just one more thing—one of these days, I want to go to there. That's what she said.

One thing that's stayed remarkably consistent even as the television sitcom form has evolved over the decades is the presence of the catchphrase. The running gags have existed from "One of these days . . . to the moon, Alice!" to the present day, and many of them haven't even changed much in the way they're deployed. It's not hard to imagine "Bazinga!" fitting in on a Golden Age Of Television program. Even when shows are ostensibly way too cool for a catchphrase and can only deploy them ironically, our love of seeing a favorite character say a few words over and over again every time he appears remains sincere—or, as Community's Magnitude would put it, "Pop pop!"

Now, all of these catchphrases can be consumed as a tasty shake, via Tastefully Offensive's mastercut of catchphrases throughout history. The focus is mostly on sitcoms here, as that's where the "Ayyyyy!" and "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis" of the worlds have primarily lived, but the occasional appearance by Peter Falk as Columbo to remind a perp that there's "just one more thing" or of Jesse Pinkman to shout "Bitch!" is evidence that the stock phrase from a beloved character can be a fun way to break up even the bleakest of dramas. As mastercuts go, this one is especially effective—since the catchphrases even in their proper context are actually remarkably context-free, this is like a five-minute highlight reel of jokes that aren't really funny—except, somehow, they really, really are. And that's what she said.