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People Look Down Excitedly In Amazon's Teaser (Maybe) For A New Phone

Whatever it is, they're tilting their heads and sounding pretty impressed with the unseen object.

Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos sent out an invitation to a June 18th launch event for an as-of-yet unnamed new product. Along with a chance to request an invite, there was also a mysterious teaser video of people acting pretty damn impressed with whatever it was they had in their hands.

Thanks to the Internet's obsession with secrets, already spotted in screen grabs — and a reflection in one of the user's glasses — has been a smartphone-sized device. And by the looks of how everyone is tilting their heads in surprise and delight, speculation has landed on a 3D smartphone, based on earlier reports, and the fact no one under 80 really looks at or talk about their phone the way the people in this video are.

It's a fun teaser and a creative way to stoke the hype machine. It's also perfect fodder for spoofs that could imagine the unseen object as, say...a pencil.