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VW Strapped Dozens Of GoPros To a New GTI For A Stunt-Tastic Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

This makes running everyday errands look epic.

Say, just for the sake of argument, you had a few dozen GoPro cameras lying around, a new car, some deserted streets and some time to kill. What would you do? In a perfect world, you'd probably do just what pro stunt driver and Top Gear host Tanner Foust did to help promote the new Volkswagen GTI.

The carmaker, agency Deutsch LA and director Jason Zada outfitted one of the new 2015 models with an array of GoPros and set Foust loose on an epic version of everyday chores like picking up milk, but faster and with, y'know, waaaay more donuts.

Thanks to the cornucopia of cameras, as it plays you can choose to watch the video from a few different perspectives. The brand is also teaming with Motor Trend on a video series starring pro drivers doing what they do best in places like the Redwood Forest, Santa Monica Beach and downtown L.A., with episodes launching online throughout this month.

You might not be willing to wear a helmet in your car or able to drive like Foust, but you could probably get some mellow footage of your own neighborhood with the GoPro VW is giving away to anyone who buys or leases a 2015 Golf GTI in June.