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Newcastle Brown Ale Will Pay You For A Twitter Follow

The beer brand continues its "No Bollocks" campaign with the ultimate in social marketing transparency.

The rise of social media marketing has forced brands to not only compete on the store shelves but have pitted them against each other in any number of the ongoing digital popularity contests happening right now online. That's why you're Facebook friends with a burger chain.

But the line between legitimate consumer engagement and suspect success can be tough to spot. Newcastle Brown Ale and agency Droga5 know this. And that's why their next move in the No Bollocks campaign is to throw all social media pretense out the window and get down to cold hard cash. That's right, the brand will be paying people to follow it on Twitter.

Why endure unsolicited marketing for free, when you can endure unsolicited marketing and get paid? Newcastle is going to pay $50,000 to the next 50,000 people who follow @Newcastle—in $1 installments. Yep, the brand is actually going to mail out 50,000 checks for $1. Well, at least it's more than that banner ad over there ever gave you.