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This Summer Bud Light Is Going To Take Over An Entire Town

The beer brand is auditioning for citizens who are up for whatever in this civic extension of its Super Bowl campaign.

For the big game this year, Bud Light took over an entire cruise ship and created an epic night in New York City for one unsuspecting dude. Now the brand is combining the two under its "The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens" campaign, to stock an entire town with people who are—you guessed it—up for whatever.

In the new ad, we meet the unnamed mayor in the midst of his preparations to launch Whatever, USA. Anheuser-Busch says consumers who show Bud Light they’re up for whatever through auditions across the country and online may score a visit to this mysterious hamlet for a weekend in August. The brand says it's a place "filled with spontaneous fun and surprises around every corner."

If your buddy from college who was always "up for whatever" is any indication, a whole town full of them could yield such surprises as Sharpie face-painting on a mass scale or entire neighborhoods waking up looking like a certain Japanese billboard.

The exact location of Whatever, USA, isn't known, but the brand will be dropping hints in the coming weeks through TV, print, and online ads. Until then, we don't know much, but at least we know there will be plenty of cake.