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Say what you will about the rise of increasingly-portable technology and the over-proliferation of images that document the most mundane of life events that occurs when every joker on the street has a quality digital camera in their pocket and receives a quick dopamine hit when someone "likes" something they just shared: These things also give us remarkable opportunities to view the world from previously-unseen perspectives.

Sometimes that means strapping a GoPro onto an eagle and viewing the world from a vantage-point that previous generations could only dream of—and sometimes it means getting a peek inside of a previously-closed door in your kitchen.

Specifically, that closed door is the door to the dishwasher, the inside of which an enterprising GoPro user captured by leaving his camera on after placing it inside for a full wash cycle, time-lapsing through it to condense the entire video into a watchable four minutes. It's not exactly surprising, since it's not really the sort of thing it makes sense to have had expectations of, but there's something neat about the fact that we can now get an inside look at the mystery machine that makes our dishes clean anyway.