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Sleeping Drunks In Japan Get Transformed Into Billboards For Responsible Drinking

A Tokyo bar chain turned a weekend tradition into a teachable moment.

The reasons not to pass out drunk in public are many—robbery, unwanted Sharpie face decoration, a sore lower back, becoming a urinal for stray dogs—but now Tokyo bar chain Yaocho, Ogilvy & Mather Japan, and Geometry Global have added another. You could literally become a very public billboard for responsible drinking.

The campaign makers went around Tokyo and created impromptu billboards around slumbering sauced citizens, encouraging passersby to Instagram the scene with the hashtag #NOMISUGI ("too drunk"). It's a hilariously creative (if mildly violative) use of social media to shame people into, y'know, maybe not taking a sloppy nap in the middle of the sidewalk.