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These New Apple Ads Show The iPad As The Perfect Creative Tool

The "Your Verse" campaign continues with stories of symphony and world travel.

Earlier this year, Apple asked "what will your verse be?" Now the brand and agency TBWA/Media Arts Lab are providing some examples of how the iPad is helping some creative people make their mark on the world.

Hearing-impaired travel writer Cherie King shows how the iPad is an essential tool on trips to Iceland, Morocco and various stops in Asia, while London Philharmonic conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen not only uses his iPad to compose, he helped create an app that aims to demystify classical music for contemporary listeners.

These and other stories are part of the overall "Your Verse" campaign. It's an effective way to position the tablet, not trumpeting all it can do as a piece of technology, but rather what people with creative ideas can use it for.

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