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This New ESPN Ad Says There's Only One Time Zone During The World Cup

It doesn't matter where you are on Earth, this summer soccer fans will all be on the same schedule.

One thing about the World Cup is, every four years it forces a decent portion of the Earth's population to drastically alter their lifestyle. Depending on where the tournament is being held, you may be forced to become nocturnal or miss full days of work due to soccer sickness.

This year, the world will be watching Brazil and this new ESPN spot by Wieden + Kennedy New York illustrates the lengths to which people will go to watch their favorite team. Directed by Stacy Wall, it jumps from a BBQ in Rio to a crowded pub in England, to a social club in Ghana and a fishing boat off the coast of Valencia, Spain, then on to a Russian apartment, over to a car heading to Tehran, across to a bar at dawn in Osaka, Japan, then a guy skipping out of the office in Seattle, to a family barbecue in Mexico, and finally a research station in the Andes before landing back in Brazil.

Fans in North America have it relatively easy this time around when it comes to time zone fun. Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022 will be a whole other adventure in lifestyle adjustment.