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When Emojis Won't Do: These New Text Typefaces Have The Emotions Built In

Happiness, disgust, rage, contempt, and more are turned into video messages by this Facebook app's "emography."

When Emojis Won't Do: These New Text Typefaces Have The Emotions Built In

As daily human interaction continues to devolve into a grammar-free, increasingly vowel-less collection of letters and numbers sent via text message, the challenge to convey true emotion becomes ever more pronounced. Somehow, "Fluff iz dun. gon 2 crem8. no mo lulz" doesn't quite encapsulate the sadness in a family cat's death as effectively as a face to face or even phone call once did.

But agency FCB Zurich and MTV Mobile aimed to change that with a new kind of text typography. For the Facebook app "Emography," they created a special font for eight basic human emotions. If you're angry, you can write sentences with a colored middle-finger gesture. If you're happy, you can create sentences with kisses. If you're sad, the words get made with tears. Oh, and if you want to talk about something disgusting, your words are made of living maggots. You pick a recipient in the Facebook app, write the sentence, pick the desired emotion, and it gets sent as a video message.

It's about as much work as finding a recipient in your contacts list, picking a number, waiting for the dial, and then sending your emotions via your own vocal chords in-person or in a voicemail message. Of course that doesn't have broken glass or maggots, so nevermind.