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Godzilla Takes On Walter White In This Nutso Animated Short

He is the one who knocks . . . buildings down with his tail.

Godzilla Takes On Walter White In This Nutso Animated Short

Happy Godzilla Day, everybody! The jokesters at Flashgitz Animation got you this parody cartoon that features someone who can do a dead-on impersonation of Godzilla star Bryan Cranston, as well as the other Breaking Bad characters, in which Walter White and the alpha predator himself square off in a battle for supremacy.

The premise is, ahem, a bit contrived, as it involves David Straitharn's character in the new film diagnosing Godzilla with ADHD, a condition for which the only treatment he can see is Blue Sky meth. The admiral tasked with bringing the monster down obviously is forced to recruit Walter White to save the world. Throw in a few well-placed Heisenberg/Godzilla roar jokes, some played-out Skyler hate, and a few extra Breaking Bad cameos, and you get a recipe for a 99.1% chemically pure send-up of the fact that Godzilla features Cranston as one of the humans who wants to stop the rampage of giant monsters.