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Peak Selfie Achieved In Miami As New Guiness Record Is Set

Two dudes from Indiana went to Miami and took 355 selfies in an hour. Your move, rest of the Internet.

Peak Selfie Achieved In Miami As New Guiness Record Is Set

It's been a big past few months for the selfie. There've been a zillion snapped, a hit song by the name, and last November, the Oxford English Dictionary announced it as the "word of the year." That's all well and good, but it wasn't until this month that the selfie entered the real book of note: The Guinness Book Of World Records, which declared that Mark E. Miller and Ethan Hethcote had set the world record for "most selfies taken in an hour." Their number? 355.

They didn't earn the distinction just for holding their cameras up and continuously pressing the button to snap a photo, either—according to Guinness, that wouldn't qualify. "The way this works is it's not just one person taking photos of themselves, but they have to have a different person in each photo that they take," Guinness' records adjudicator, Kimberly Partrick, told Miami's New Times. "The challenge is about getting engagement from the crowd wherever you are."

Miller and Hethcote certainly did that, as the video of their operation—which occurred on South Beach and was documented by the mysterious organization #MissionSmile—makes clear. Miller and Hethcote were sent to Miami by #MissionSmile, which declares itself "A Movement To Make The Nation Smile," in order to set the record. It's unclear at the moment who's actually behind #MissionSmile (we're guessing it's toothpaste?), but their website notes that a big announcement is coming in June that will tell the Internet what else is happening with this campaign.