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This New Online Service Can Scientifically Test Your Mother's Day Gift Idea

If she doesn't like it, you can blame science.

It's here. That day when you can wipe away a year of both bad behavior and good deeds with one wrong move. You could be the biggest absentee child, but with the right gift put a smile on your long-neglected mother's face. On the flipside, you could call every day and listen to her crackpot Downton Abbey conspiracy theories on a weekly basis, but you're just a forgotten bouquet of flowers away from guilt city.

Fear not, Mark Truss, PhD in Giftology, and JWT are here to help. They've developed Intelligift, an online service that will market test your Mother's Day gift idea before you make a commitment. Can't decide between a spa day or sausage of the month club membership? Intelligift will tap its national network of step-moms, grandmas, Earth mamas, helicopter moms, the best friend moms, Mr. Moms, left-handed moms, and more, to get you the best option. Intelligift evaluates each gift against five metrics: likeability, persuasion, impact, thoughtfulness, and originality. Now that sounds like science.

You don't want to put this decision into the hands of your own lack of clear vision or hasty hungover panic buy of a Whitman's Sampler. As Truss tells us, "You don't want to disappoint your mother, it's just that most of the things you do fall short of her expectations."