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Here's A Creative Reminder To Call Your Mom. Right Now.

The people of San Francisco get a gentle Mother's Day reminder.

Let's face it, we could all use a reminder to call our mother from time to time. But the maternal relationship is a complicated one and this short film simply, and mostly sweetly, illustrates the differences and similarities between the dynamics we all have with mom.

Filmmakers Jiayi Wang, Kevin Descardes, Kinni Mehta, Hollye Westbrook took to the streets of San Francisco with reminders made of cereal, eggs, bacon, and pie, to ask people if they had called their mom lately. The answers vary from days to weeks to months and more. Things take a turn for the more unexpected when subjects are then asked if they'd call their mom right then and there. On speakerphone.

The results might be enough to get you on the phone.