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Nivea's New Print Ad Can Keep Track Of Your Kid At The Beach

A detachable bracelet connects to a mobile app so you'll know where your little beach bum has wandered off to.

Nivea's New Print Ad Can Keep Track Of Your Kid At The Beach

It's summertime, and that means it's beach season. For families, it means packing up all the kids, the gear, the hopes and dreams, and heading seaside. But once you get there, there are more worries involved than just getting a sunburn.

Nivea and FCB São Paolo have done the seemingly impossible and combined sunscreen, magazine beach reading, and keeping track of your kid all in one print ad. The page features a detachable bracelet made from humidity-resistant paper that you fit to your child's wrist, download the app and sync it with the bracelet. Parents can set the distance limit of how far their little beach bundle of joy can wander and will be alerted if (or when) that distance is crossed. So sit back, relax, and enjoy that James Patterson with some print ad-assisted piece of mind.

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