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Here's a Book You Can Actually Drink And It Might Save Lives

Global water relief nonprofit, Water Is Life, has created The Drinkable Book, which provides a portable water purification system in book form.

It's been a big week for common objects doubling as unlikely tools for making the world a healthier place. First, we heard about the Peruvian billboard that purifies the air around it, and now there is a book that makes water potable. Perhaps next week will deliver a tennis racket that makes soil more fertile. One thing at a time, though, and for now let's take a look at this book.

Created by global water relief nonprofit, Water Is Life, together with DDB New York and teams at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Virginia, The Drinkable book is an actual tome about water that does exactly what it says. The books are printed on revolutionary filter paper that can kill off any of the world's far too common deadly waterborne diseases. Users tear out a page, which is coated with silver nanoparticles, and place it into the accompanying water box, like an especially helpful coffee filter.

The Drinkable Book reduces bacteria by over 99.99%, is very cheap to produce, and is capable of providing clean water for up to four years. Now that we've seen what is actually inside some kinds of water, I'm probably changing my "desert island book" from Infinite Jest to this one.

Viewers can get information on how the book can get to people who need it by visiting Water Is Life.