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This Drake-Branded Bounce Lint Roller Might Be The Best NBA Cross-Promotional Souvenir Ever

The Toronto Raptors' most famous fan turns a weird court-side lint-rolling incident into a unique branded opportunity.

It's no secret that Drake is a big Toronto Raptors fan. It's not only his hometown team, but one that hired him as an official brand ambassador. Since then, the rap superstar has lent his hand in the team's branding and marketing image but the latest might just be the weirdest hoops promo ever—a lint roller.

During Game Two of the first round NBA playoff series between the Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets, Drizzy was court side (natch) and decided to do a little wardrobe grooming in the middle of the game. Obviously this was caught on camera and became a bit of a thing. But when the series came back north after a couple of games in Brooklyn, the Raptors and Bounce revealed a branded lint roller, as well as their own sense of humor and ability to effectively take advantage of a moment.

Brooklyn might have Jay Z and dirt off its shoulder, but it looks like Toronto has countered with...uh, lint off its trousers.