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Image of the Day

See The Surprising, Gross, And Oddly Adorable Life Inside a Single Drop Of Seawater

This drop of seawater magnified 25 times makes a good case for not drinking it.

Just look at this seawater. Look at it! Take it all in—the microbes, the larva, the bacteria, the fish eggs. It's like they're all dancing together in some cosmic ballet, just for you! (Grossest cosmic ballet ever.) What you're looking at is the work of award-winning photographer and National Geographic vet David Liittschwager, who captured an image of so much microfauna in a drop of seawater, and blew it up to 25 times its size. (Look here for a breakdown of what's what.) Part of you knew it was going to be like this, but actually seeing all these tiny ocean-dwellers still packs a wallop, and it's oddly transfixing. Call your mom now, and thank her for warning you not to drink this stuff when you went to the beach as a child.

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