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This Air-Purifying Billboard Lays Waste to Construction Site Pollution

A new initiative from Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC) and agency FCB Mayo does more than advertise—it cleans up the very air we breathe.

Last year, Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología created a water-producing billboard in Peru. The environment-friendly effort eventually earned one Bronze and four Gold Lions at Cannes. Now, UTEC is giving Peruvians a breath of fresh air.

Created once again with the help of agency FCB Mayo in Peru, the new effort is a response to an under-the-radar health hazard surrounding the country's current construction boom. According to the World Health Organization, the dust, metal, and stone particles left in the air at construction sites puts people at risk and can even lead to cancer. UTEC's new billboard, however, takes in this air and releases it free from pollutant particles, as well as germs and bacteria.

UTEC's billboard, located in Barranco. Is capable of purifying 100,000 m3 of air each day, and reaching a radius of five blocks in every direction. In doing so, it this billboard not only shows young aspiring engineers where they might want to go to school, but what kind of difference-making creations they might come up with when they get there.