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Life Got Flipped, Turned Upside Down: "Underlapse" Takes You To A Dizzying World Of Antigravity

A new video from French videographer team Claire&Max presents thrilling reversed perspectives of the sky and landscapes, confusing which is which.

Imagine that down is up, and up is down. Everywhere you go, there are limitless expanses of sky unfurling beneath you. It's terrifying and disorienting, like a dream. It's also something you can watch right now.

Underlapse is a visual head trip that stimulates your brain by mixing up traditional spatial cues. (Indeed, an early warning cautions viewers that the footage tends to cause slight dizziness for some.) Created by French videographer team Claire&Max, Underlapse reverses time-lapse footage of the sky above mountains, city streets, and roving plains to evoke a feeling as though gravity itself was reversed. As a dramatic score is piped in, we see unusual perspectives taken from the team's own footage, as well as space images from NASA. By the time the video is over, you'll feel like you just might float up out of your seat.