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This Is The Most Boring Ad You've Ever Seen, By Design

A new ad promoting Leica stresses the care the company puts into its cameras—by showing how long it takes to professionally polish one of them. All 45 minutes of it. (Yikes.)

The goal for most ads is to hook viewers in and hold their attention for the entire 30 seconds of an ad—something that’s become increasingly more challenging. The latest from Leica, however, goes hard in the other direction, ensuring that pretty much nobody at all will watch the entire ad. It’s actually kind of genius.

If you thought those ads that play between shows on Hulu felt long, get ready for the Dr. Zhivago of ads. The Ken Burns documentary series of ads. The new clip for Leica’s T camera highlights the craftsmanship that goes into each individual item, by revealing that it takes 45 minutes to polish the stainless steel shell of each one—and then showing the entire process.

The ad is promoting the new Leica T range of cameras. The company created the new gear in partnership with Audi’s design team and the cameras are manufactured in a new factory in Wetzlar, Germany, built specifically for them, with each camera body on the receiving end of 45 minutes of polishing by a skilled...polisher.

"Is this the most boring film ever made? It could be," a voice says at the beginning of the ad. He goes on for a couple minutes describing how this care makes the camera really good at being a camera, and then invites us to skip to the end for the conclusion. It’s a neat concept, and the industrial brushing sounds should make for a top-notch white noise machine the next time you have trouble sleeping.