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Even Little Darth Vader Is Evil In This New Lego Ad

This is what happens when the dark side meets dad's midnight ice cream run.

For any parent whose kids are Lego fans it's a constant threat. When one of those bricks or minifigures embeds itself into the bottom of your bare foot, it unleashes a special kind of pain typically reserved for stubbed toes, paper cuts, or a shrimp fork to the neck.

In this new spot promoting the brand's latest Star Wars bits and bobs, agency Jung von Matt suggests that it might not be the kids' fault if you happen to impale your toes on the lightsaber of a Sith dark lord.

The spot coincides with a roll-out of original content episodes for the Star Wars microfighter collection—familiar spaceships and other vehicles in mini-Lego form—that will surely get your kids excited enough to exponentially increase the odds of a midnight confrontation with Vader of your very own.