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The Latest From Subaru Is The Only Dash Cam Ad You'll Ever Need

A new ad from Subaru Russia plays with your dog-loving emotions momentarily, but stick around for a huge payoff.

Dash cams have served a lot of purposes in recent years, from capturing footage of a meteor to capturing Reese Witherspoon having a moment. These car cameras are especially popular in Russia, however, due to a high-rate of insurance scams. Leave it to Russia, in that case, to produce a commercial that reaches the pinnacle of dash cam vids.

Subaru has found success recently with kidnappably adorable dogs. By combining this classic tactic with the dash cam craze, the company's Russian division has created a smart, funny, bound-to-be-viral ad with the feel of a funny YouTube clip. In it, a woman driving a Subaru appears to have hit a dog, and for a moment we viewers are ready to get upset. Fortunately, it appears that instead of being a doggy murderer, this woman may have just been doggy-grifted. Well, it's fortunate for us—not for her.