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This Interactive Site Gives You A Taste Of What It's Like To Drown

French marine clothing and safety brand Guy Cotten takes the scared straight approach to life jacket awareness.

This Interactive Site Gives You A Taste Of What It's Like To Drown

Summer is approaching and with it the migration of millions of people to the coast to enjoy the sun and the sea. Guy Cotten, a French marine clothing and safety equipment brand, is taking the opportunity to dramatically remind us that when it comes to boating, a life jacket is necessary no matter how strong a swimmer you might be.

The brand, along with agency CLM BBDO, Wanda Digital and director Ben Strebel, have created A Trip Out To Sea, an immersive interactive experience that plays out a truly nightmarish scenario.

What starts out as a leisurely sail boat trip, quickly turns into a life or death situation when a passenger is knocked overboard and you are given a first-person POV. As time passes, your only chance of survival is to scroll continuously, to mimic the physical and psychological exhaustion of the situation. As your scrolling slows from fatigue (or impatience), the victim eventually gives up and drowns, revealing the tagline, "At sea, you tire faster than you think. Whenever you go out to sea, wear your lifejacket."

Not only does it make you think twice about ditching the life jacket, it also reminds you to perhaps not go boating alone with some dude who doesn't know how to steer a boat.

Experience it here.