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See Fireworks From a GoPro-Packing Drone's Explosive Point of View

Get uncomfortably closer to fireworks than you previously thought possible.

Fourth of July celebrations often find us appraising phosphorescent pointillist paintings in the sky left by fireworks. It turns out, however, that we haven't been getting the best view available.

Some hero recently mounted a GoPro Hero camera atop a DJI Phantom to record firework festivities, and the resulting footage shows what we've been missing out on all this time. Set to Arcade Fire's "Sprawl II," the clip posted by Vimeo user Gasper C gives aerial shells a long-denied close up. From the drone's POV, strands of pyro-light come streaming right past you, presumably sputtering out long before getting near those suckers watching on the ground. Unfortunately, the video renders any iPhone footage you captured during last year's Independence Day jubilee that less compelling.