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Twitter Reacts To US Airways' X-Rated Pic, AKA The Worst Brand Tweet In The History Of Brand Tweets Ever

An airplane. A woman's genitalia. A corporate Twitter account. Something went terribly wrong.

[Image: Flickr user Neil Kremer]

Forget about #McDStories, #QuantasLuxury or that time Chevy dropped an f-bomb saying people in Detroit couldn't drive. US Airways will forever own the title of Absolute Worst Brand Tweet Ever. At least for the rest of April.

For almost hour, an official company tweet featured a photo of a naked woman with a model airplane sticking out of her nether regions (we've chosen not to post it, because no amount of screaming NSFW will suffice. See it here). From then on Twitter exploded with the expected fake outrage and hilarity, and someone at corporate headquarters was no doubt packing their things into a cardboard box.

The tweet was sent as a reply to a customer complaint at 2:48 p.m. on April 14th, with the apology following 38 minutes later at 3:26 p.m. One bitter irony here is that US Airways is actually one of the higher rated airlines when it comes to timely responding to customers on Twitter.

The old saying might be all publicity is good publicity, but pretty sure that person wasn't talking about crotch airplane photos.