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Get A Snapshot Of Your Browsing Habits With This "Internet-Selfie" Tool

Are you an extreme Internet user? Find out with Surfkoll.

Get A Snapshot Of Your Browsing Habits With This "Internet-Selfie" Tool

How many cat videos did you watch in the last seven days? Did you visit more than Or perhaps you gorged yourself on, but only on Thursdays at 3 p.m. A new Chrome and Firefox plug-in called Surfkoll, ("Surf Report" in Swedish), doesn't get quite so specific, but it does offer up detailed stats about your Internet history for the last week.

The site was created by Swedish agency Rodolfo (the same people who gave us the social media "out of office" tool, Relaxed) as a promotional vehicle for Nackademin college. "Initially the purpose was to make more people realize that they know more about IT than one might think, and hopefully generate an interest in studying IT at Nackademin (in Sweden)," says Rodolfo's Ludwig Jonsson "A frequent Internet user may well qualify for studying IT at Nackademin. However, the service has gained a lot of interest from users and has developed into a stand-alone service as a nice way to map out your online behavior."

The tool will show you how many sites you've visited in the last seven days, your most visited sites and when in the week you're most Internet-active. But are you an "extreme" Internet user compared to everyone else? Or are you only "low?" According to Surfkoll, you may not be spending enough time online after all.