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Vodafone Sends Two Dutch Grannies On Their First Airplane Ride

The brand's "Firsts" campaign takes on pteromerhanophobia to make a lovely story.

An and Ria are two 70-something grannies from the Netherlands who had never been on an airplane in their lives. A serious case of pteromerhanophobia had been holding An back, while Ria's husband's fear of heights had prevented her from trying air travel in the past. But as part of Vodafone's "Firsts" campaign, the two ladies got to experience a VIP first flight.

The brand, with agencies AKQA London and Ogilvy & Mather London, tell the story behind An and Ria's adventure and follow the two on their private jet adventure to Barcelona. It's a lovely story, pairing the roller coaster-riding, always-laughing Ria with the more cautious An and sharing in their wonder and excitement of flying above the clouds for the first time.

In a pretty seamless bit of product placement, the ladies are seen taking photos and connecting with loved ones on the brand's simple-to-use unaxone tablet, designed for elderly people by Vodafone’s Silicon Valley-based innovation, incubation, and venture arm.

The nans on a plane are just the latest "first" in the campaign, that has so far chronicled others' first-times, including surfing one of the world's most dangerous waves, forming a female fight club to protect women in India, and devising a way of conducting an orchestra using color alone.