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Watch These Cute Puppies For One Minute And Raise Money For Other Cute Puppies

Who knew that giving back could b...squeeeeeeeee!

Bored at work? Searching for the perfect puppy video to brighten your day?

Now you don't have to make some lame excuse to "accidentally" end up watching a video that does little else but showcase the cuteness of small creatures. Those looking to cute-crastinate, can cut right to the chase and do so in the name of a good cause? To raise money for its doggie adoption drive, Pedigree New Zealand has posted a You Tube video of ridiculously adorable doggies. That's it. Just puppies being their delightful puppy selves. The hook here is that the voice-over makes direct reference to YouTube's revenue-sharing policy, so, theoretically, simply watching this 1-minute burst of happiness, and passing it along to others who will do the same, you could raise money for dogs in need. So watch and share— and if your boss gives you a hard time, guilt her into watching with you.