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This "A-Z Of Dance" Video Showcases The World's Most Spectacular Moves

To promote its flexy new jeans, Diesel shows you all the dances you're not doing, but could be.

Diesel wants you to dance, preferably while wearing their jeans. To advertise their Jogg jeans collection (an ultra-flexible jean-jersey hybrid), the brand has created an exciting montage of world-class dancers, strutting their stuff. The A-Z of Dance features the popular styles you know (twerking) and a bunch you've never heard of (Memphis Jookin? Whine?). The video will inspire you to bust a move, though if you want to look anything like the performers in this spot, you're going to need more than a new pair of pants.

The A-Z of Dance was created for Diesel with i-D Magazine and directed by Jacob Sutton.