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Game Of Bones: This Infographic Traces All The Sexual Activity In Westeros

It's difficult enough to keep track of who's who on Game of Thrones, let alone who's bedded whom. This handy infographic charts out all the dirty details.

You may not be aware of this yet, but Game of Thrones is actually a rather violent and sexually charged TV show. A recent art series dutifully chronicled every gory death thus far, and there are surely places online one could turn to for a roundup of all the bared flesh that's jiggled through the series. However, some less prurient-minded fan confused about the high school-style "who slept with who?" aspect of Thrones's notorious sexcapades will be glad to get some clarification.

The folks at Cool Material have made it easier to fill any tryst-related gaps in viewers' memories with a new infographic. Of course, at the rate this show favors, the entire chart will probably be reconfigured after all the sex that takes place in the first couple episodes of the just-begun fourth season.