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The Late D'oh: David Letterman Gets Animated In A New "Simpsons" Couch Gig

After announcing his impending retirement last week, David Letterman finds himself Simpsonized in a couch gag tribute.

If there's one thing both The Simpsons and Late Show With David Letterman have in common, it's longevity. They are currently the longest running prime time show and late night talk show respectively. Another thing the two shows share, though, besides a biting sense of humor, is couches. Recently, the Simpson family got the chance to leave theirs and go sit on Letterman's for a while.

In a new couch gag, those ever-evolving cappers on The Simpsons opening credits, the family returns to New York—a city they famously visited once before. Their purpose in the city, aside from administering headbutts, is to make an appearance on Late Show, now that Letterman has announced he's closing up shop in 2015. With many Simpsons writers past and present sporting a heavy Letterman influence—and some like George Meyer, having worked for him—it's a well-earned tribute.