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Watch Men Get Their Nethers Waxed To Raise Awareness for Testicular Cancer In "Not-The-Sac"

Men are not generally regulars on the waxing table, but to raise awareness for testicular cancer, Crush Inc. convinced 20 men to endure a little bit of public manscaping. Here are the excruciating results.

Men aren't generally known for being great at talking about what’s going on with their bodies. So broaching a topic like testicular cancer awareness is as delicate as the body part in question. When it comes to talking about checking their boys, most men recoil.

Yet, testicular cancer is the most prevalent form of the disease in men aged 15 to 29, and it’s the most treatable if caught early. So, in order to bring some attention to the topic, and in honor of Testicular Cancer Awareness month, Toronto-based post-production and design shop Crush Inc, along with BBDO Canada, held a fundraising event that put it all out there. Literally. Dubbed "Not-The-Sac," Crush invited men to boldly go where few of their kind regularly venture: onto the waxing table to be ripped bare—and to be filmed in the process.

Andre Arevalo, one of Crush’s flame artists, originally conceived the idea as a test to prove that women had superior pain tolerance (we do). The plan was to pit 20 men against 20 women on a waxing table and present the results in a split screen film. But as they idea evolved it grew into something with greater purpose. And so, 20 men were recruited (the names of would-be volunteers were pulled from a hat) to have their bits pruned to raise funds for Testicular Cancer Canada. Though, in a humane gesture, chosen men with a change of heart could just donate their way out of the pain.

The resulting video is hilarious, particularly for any woman who routinely undergoes this particular grooming ritual. And the takeaway is clear: following a simple four-step self-test, as outlined here, on a monthly basis is much simpler than a hot, waxy gesture like this.