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How Much Is Your Time Actually Worth? This Online Tool Calculates Your Number

We know time is precious, but how precious, exactly? This tool puts a dollar value on your time.

[Broken Clock: Alex Kosev via Shutterstock]

To cab or not to cab? Should you pay somebody to pick up your dry cleaning? Is that overtime pay really worth it? How you answer these questions depends on the cost/time calculation. In other words, is the money—or the time—you're spending worth it? If you're not sure, Clearer Thinking can help. Answer a series of questions—how much you make, how much you enjoy your work, how long you'd be willing to stand in line for free stuff, etc.—and their algorithm calculates exactly how much moolah your minutes are worth. The feedback is amazingly specific. You'll learn what to pay a personal assistant—or whether it's cost-effective to hire him in the first place. You'll see when you should shell out for a taxi. The site even calculates the time-to-cost ratio on purchase decisions. Should you buy that tablet/handbag/smoothie? Who knew you were losing so much dough while deciding between berry-berry blast and orange-mango breeze?

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