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Sir Ian McKellen Says Stop The Cycle Of Bullying In This Epithet-Strewn PSA

Stonewall UK warns that when it comes to bullying, what we learn as kids can last a lifetime.

The phrase "kids can be cruel," is too often true but it's easy to forget that certain attitudes don't just magically disappear in adulthood, whether that's bullying or silently watching bullying take place. This new PSA for Stonewall UK narrated by the velvet-voiced Sir Ian McKellen serves as a reminder of that.

Here we see what starts off as angry schoolkid insults grow into full-on adult epithets that feel all too real and familiar.

The call to action is aimed to encourage people to speak up if they witness unacceptable behavior, offering up an online pledge for viewers to make their vigilance official.

Because you never know when trading insults during a game of patty cakes will one day translate into straight up face-slapping people at the office.